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Environmental Justice

A Fair Planet for All

We’re on a mission to tackle environmental injustice head-on, empowering communities to take action for a healthier world.

Why Equity Matters

From the banks of the Anacostia River to communities worldwide, people are facing environmental challenges that are multifaceted and complex. That’s why we launched the Center for Environmental Justice (CEJ) at the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum. The CEJ is a research hub that will center the community, raise awareness of systemic injustice, craft community-driven solutions for environmental issues, and encourage others to see their own power in creating a more equitable, healthy, and just environment.

Inaugurated on Earth Day 2023, CEJ aims to spotlight systemic injustices and drive solutions that come directly from the communities most impacted.

Join the Conversation

We see caring for the environment as more than just a nice idea—it’s a critical part of civic duty. For many, environmental justice is not solely focused on access to and engagement with green spaces, but in understanding the intersection between access to a healthy environment and the places where we live, play, work, and pray.

The Center for Environmental Justice will bring together community leaders, local experts, researchers, and representatives of all generations for meaningful dialogues that lead to actionable solutions.

How We Work

Our strength is in our people. We dig deep into history and cutting-edge research to develop approaches that genuinely benefit the people most impacted by environmental injustice.

Learn More on our website to dive deeper into our mission and projects.


The Art of Environmentalism

“Forces of Nature: Voices That Shaped Environmentalism” on view through September 2, 2024 at the National Portrait Gallery.

This exhibition explores the perspectives of key individuals—scientists, politicians, activists, writers, and artists—whose work shifted and shaped the environmental movement in the United States from the mid-19th century to today. This unique look into the development of environmentalism combines portraiture, visual biography and the sitters’ own words to recognize the enduring impacts of prominent environmental thought leaders.

To complement the exhibition, a series of panel discussions feature some of today’s leading environmentalists, some of whom are also in the exhibition. Visit the National Portrait Gallery website to reserve your spot.