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Impacting Global Education

Educating and Inspiring Youth

The Smithsonian is engaging youth by Transforming K-12 Education Through Science™ in collaboration with communities across the globe.

Every year, nearly 6 million young people participate in the Institution’s education programs. Using Smithsonian Science for Global Goals students from the United States and 88 other countries “Discover, Understand, and Act” on the world’s most complex socio-scientific issues of our time, including climate change. These freely available community research guides are designed by the Smithsonian Science Education Center for youth ages 11-18 and can be used in classrooms, community centers and anywhere young people want to learn. .

Supporting Teachers

new global survey revealed that teachers in the U.S. are just as likely as their global peers to believe in the importance and value of teaching about sustainable development but that this topic is less likely to be included in their curriculum standards. Smithsonian educators bring these scientific efforts to the global public by directly discussing climate change solutions with youth and partnering with historically marginalized groups to make sustainability decisions that also promote equity.

Educating for Sustainable Development 

Through an integrated curriculum of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM), Smithsonian educators inform, develop, and foster holistic, scalable approaches to conservation that benefit people and nature. We engage and inspire young people to join us in action. With a global, trusted brand, the Smithsonian reaches multiple audiences and provides young people with opportunities to participate in the conservation of our natural world. Through thought provoking museum programs, exhibitions, engaging education resources for youth and professional development for teachers, we will reach millions of young people across the globe each year. 



Smithsonian Science for Global Goals

This project from the Smithsonian Science Education Center provides youth around the world, ages 8-17, with the knowledge and skills to understand the world’s most pressing issues and to become agents for change in their own communities. Through a series of freely available community research guides, young people use their communities as their laboratory to investigate the science that underlies the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Educating for Sustainable Development

In spring 2023, the Smithsonian Science Education Center contracted with Gallup to conduct a study of U.S. K-12 teachers and school administrators, as well as teachers of students in comparable grade levels in four peer countries: Brazil, Canada, France, and India. The goal was to gauge attitudes toward and demand for education and resources related to sustainable development.

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