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Our Ocean – An Ocean of Potential.  

Get ready for an inspiring journey into “An Ocean of Potential” at the Our Ocean Conference, happening in Athens, Greece, April 16-17, 2024. Hosted by the Government of Greece, this event is a vibrant platform for taking decisive action across six critical areas: tackling the climate crisis, advancing sustainable fisheries, nurturing sustainable blue economies, promoting marine protected areas, enhancing maritime security, and combating marine pollution. 

But that’s not all—right before the conference, the Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit (April 15-17) will unite passionate young leaders (ages 18-35) in Athens. It’s a golden opportunity co-hosted with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, aiming to empower emerging talents with knowledge, networking, and skill-building in the ocean sector, all while contributing to the health and resilience of our oceans. 

Since kicking off in 2014 as a U.S. initiative, the Our Ocean Conference has become a global call to action, rallying the world to address the pressing threats our oceans face. Through the years, these gatherings have spurred over 2,100 pledges totaling nearly $128 billion in support of our oceans’ future. Just last year, the U.S. announced commitments worth close to $6 billion.  

Join us as we dive deep into possibilities and make waves toward a healthier, more sustainable ocean. Let’s turn potential into action together! 


Why the Smithsonian?

We’re action-takers. Through our “Our Shared Future: Life on a Sustainable Planet” program, we’re engaged in transformative projects like reviving coral reefs and sending air pollution monitors to space. We need more nature-based solutions in more ecosystems and communities—and the Our Ocean Conference and other events like it is where we can find more innovative partners to bring these solutions to life. 


Join Us!

The Smithsonian is sending three amazing colleagues to contribute our knowledge, pledge our commitments, and strike up new partnerships with like-minded organizations. Want to follow along? We’ll keep our #EarthOptimism channels open – join the conversation! 


Our Representatives